Gary’s Story: A Desire for Sustainable Tourism Jobs

Sustainable travel

“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable,” Clifton Fadiman said. This is the heartbeat behind how we view travel and our WHY behind our wanderlust.

Sustainable tourism jobs

We make our plans, pack and invest time and money into our vacations… I mean we deserve it right? We’ve worked hard for to get to these destinations, and when we get there, we deserve to be treated like we’ve worked hard! Maybe…

Sustainable Tourism Jobs:

Linen and Latitudes exists to change the focus of HOW we travel. There’s a huge movement going on regarding the concept of responsible tourism, in many forms, but we want our focus to be on sustainable tourism jobs.

Responsible tourism or sustainable tourism exists for the purpose of “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” We wanted this post to give a visual of some of the people we’ve met along the way. To put a face to a country, not another beach or another hotel destination… but a person, with values, with character, with passions and desires and goals!

Our Goal

Linen and Latitudes wants to be able to involve the LOCAL people in these unique cultures and wonderful destinations and allow them to be able to have a say in how their country and life changes… to provide sustainable tourism jobs. In order to do that, we have to build relationships.

Bahamas Vacation

If you’ve followed us so far, you’ve seen great places and read stories of some even greater people. This blog post is no different. This particular blog is Part 2 of 2. In part one, we talked about what we did as a family when we visited West End, Bahamas and all the adventures we had. Part two will be about the relationships we’ve built, and why sustainable tourism jobs are so important.

When we arrived in West End, we came by boat! If you’ve ever ridden in a boat for a long distance, you know its relaxing but also draining. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean from North Palm Beach to West End, Bahamas.

Sustainable tourism jobs

Upon arrival, we were tired, sweaty and anxious to get this party started! After checking into customs, we knew we had to find somewhere to get the boat washed. We also knew, especially with the kids, that we did not want to do it ourselves. We were only in West End for less than 24 hours.

Gary’s goals:

Out came my resourceful husband, and he found Gary or maybe Gary found us. See, Ben is not scared to introduce himself to anyone, and this time was no different. Here is part of Gary’s story and some of why we travel.

I’ve gotten a chance to talk to Gary more since we arrived home and ask some questions about his culture, his life and his ambitions.

I think sometimes we see people, but we don’t see past their job.

Gary has huge goals and dreams. But he is not only a dreamer, he’s a planner, a go getter and a hard worker.

Sustainable tourism jobs

Gary is of Bahamian descent, 25 years old and born in the Bahamas. When we ran across Gary it was washing boats, but he says that is far from his end goal. He does enjoy it though. He’s a personal assistant and delivery agent for Old Bahama Bay resort. He not only works a few jobs, he also volunteers his time. His heart lies with vulnerable youth. One of his dreams is to create more education opportunities for those youth with sustainable jobs.

Sustainable tourism jobs

We as humans often become dreamers and never act on behalf of those dreams. Not Gary! He has enrolled himself in University of the Bahamas and studying to become an elementary educator. He has a hard time financially, but isn’t that what it’s about? Making a sacrifice for those dreams?

Bahamian Culture:

Gary also volunteers in his community in sports camps and community clean up! In all this work time, there has to be opportunities to clear your mind and instill calm again. Gary does this through many avenues. One example is through his music. He sent me a link to his favorite music. Give it a listen! He says the music of the Bahamas relaxes his mind. So, if you’ve got anxiety… check it out.

Aside from relaxing through music, Gary participates in Sunday afternoon cultural activities. He says Sunday is the day to be in West End. “Every Sunday most people from the city of Freeport drive to West End to experience our native dishes. For example, its fresh and made right in front of their eyes, such as conch salad, conch fritters that usually looks like a hush puppy, fried fish and lobsters. I take that opportunity every Sunday to treat myself also to at least one of the dishes to experience the rush of the restaurants process and frequency of orders.”

Sustainable tourism jobs

He’s observing all of this because he has ANOTHER dream! He wants to open a restaurant. That’s a tall order there Gary! But we see drive in you, we see desire and motivation, we see that a Creator has created you with gifts no one else on the planet has. Keep up the hard work, it will be rewarded!

Our Dream:

Our desire and our dream is you see the beauty in our differences and the our likenesses. We all have a things we are passionate about, and they all fit together to help each other…. because we all need each other! But in our differences, we have likenesses too. We all dream, we all crave hope and peace and we all have a strong desire to love and be loved. Those needs and desires are all expressed differently, but the basis is still the same.

Sustainable tourism jobs

Linen and Latitudes exists to be able to see these culture likenesses and differences and allow them to bring us together to support one another. I will leave you with this quote from Maya Angelou.

sustainable toursim jobs

We hope you will give us a follow and allow us to show you some creative ways to implement responsible tourism in your next vacation and help us develop and create sustainable tourism jobs!

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Travel Local: Meeting Neighbors

travel local

You don’t have to travel the globe to meet people with stories, intrigue and culture! Step outside your front door, travel local and you may just find a whole new world!

Do you remember the time  you prayed for fire to come down from heaven and consume all the idols… and then all the  idols were consumed because of the fire from heaven?

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Yeah me either… but Elijah did. In the book of 1 Kings there had been a drought, a severe drought (1 Kings 18:2) and Elijah is asking the people “How long will you hesitate between two opinions?” (18:21)

So Elijah has the prophets of Baal set up an altar with an ox and he sets up another altar with an ox…

And in this biblical showdown we can guess who came through with the fire… GOD.

The longer that I follow the Lord, the more I surrender each step of my day to what He wants me to do and the quieter I am to listen to His still small voice… the more I am convinced that He has a flair for the dramatic.

travel local

All these stories of the water parting wide open…

fire falling from heaven…

a man swallowed by a fish so he would repent and be obedient to what God asked Him to do in the first place…

feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish and having leftovers…

walking out to meet his friends ON THE WATER… not wading in the water but ON TOP of the water… to simply say “Take courage; it is I… do not be afraid…”

a King of glory leaving a throne in a perfect paradise to come down into a feeding trough for animals to live among prostitutes, liars, cheaters and the self-righteous…

Why the drama? I really believe God loves showing up in unexpected ways at unexpected times and in unexpected places!

I’ve found in my life that you begin to see the dramatic side to our God while prayer sets the stage.

travel local

I’ve come to this conclusion after a few varying things: reading my Bible, watching this happen in others’ lives and also in our life the last couple of years. But this story is the part that has begun a thought process of mine and allows another stage for God to show up.

About a year ago, we were going to have our neighbors over for dinner. My husband was out grabbing pizza… because that’s how we really go all out for these neighbors! I was in the house… it was quiet! Yes… quiet!!! The boys were outside running around and I was praying. My husband and I have really had a burden for our neighborhood lately that has stemmed from many things, but it’s hard to reach neighbors who keep to themselves and who avoid eye contact AT ALL COST.

BUT GOD is setting the stage…

travel local

In my prayer I am asking if God would just give me an opportunity to offer real help to someone who lived in our neighborhood. I didn’t need a huge group, but just one to invite into our home, a neighbor to share the love of Jesus with…

The door bell rings… Yep… it rings. I mean I hadn’t even finished saying “amen” yet. God was ready… as he ALWAYS is. It gives new meaning to “whatever you ask in prayer you will receive.”

Expectantly I slowly ease open the door.

Guess who it is…

local inspiration

It’s my neighbor. A lady who lives right beside me. I have met her once before and her husband used to walk in front of the house but he couldn’t hear and we couldn’t really have much of a conversation. But she’s just standing there…

Our eyes lock… I know I’m staring at an answer to prayer but I’m not sure what to even say. (A flair for the dramatic I believe?)

After what seemed like an eternity…

I asked how she was, because she hadn’t spoken yet and all of these thoughts are racing through my mind. But she finally says “I don’t know why I needed to tell you, but I came over to let you know my husband died today.”

I wonder if this is what Elijah felt when the fire came down from heaven… I know he was expecting it, but there had to be a measure of shock involved as well. An excitement goes along serving this kind of God, but also a crazy desire to not screw this up!

Since this dramatic story has unfolded, our family has become very close with Mrs. Halce. We have gotten to know her through stories, pictures, food and helping one another through many storms life has thrown our way. She has one of the most interesting backgrounds, filled with culture and her own flair for the dramatic.

travel local


She’s been married twice, once to a painter and they lived in Mexico for years, the other to a chef who survived the Holocaust as a Jew. She herself is from Grand Cayman and has an intriguing accent. There are so many stories to tell and things to learn from each other…

but ONE thing is for sure…

God loves her. God answers prayers. And God is still in the drama business. 

How about you? Do you have any fantastic stories about your neighbors? Do you have anywhere you travel local to meet people? We would love to hear them!

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Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following

In the beginning of this journey to becoming a travel blogger we’ve had many inspirations along the way. Many from friends and family, but often outside of that community into another world… the vibrant and encouraging social media world. Often, I say we all need each other… well these travel bloggers on Instagram and other places that I’m about to share have encouraged, motivated and inspired me with ideas I could not have had without them.

So here goes… my top 10 travel bloggers!


They have been a HUGE help in the business side of my development. I have learned so much from their website, which I refer to almost daily. I have been taught how to travel well with kids, how to grow a community, and how to work hard for your dreams. Their motto is “Unplug from the chaos, follow your bliss, travel more and create better memories.” They are an absolutely fantastic family to follow for any of your travel needs! They have an extensive amount of experience! YTravelBlog is from Australia, but residing in the great state of North Carolina! And if you follow Instagram stories, you’ll fall in love with their accents and their love for adventure!

travel blogggers

travel bloggers

Their children are adventurous, spunky and just darling!

Travel Bloggers

They’ve been to Cuba, China, Indonesnsia, Brazil, France, Greece… I mean the list is endless! Last, we saw, they were at a Dirty Dancing Festival! How fun is that! But, the fun won’t end there, give them a follow and see where they’re headed next, and where you may find yourself wanting to unplug from your own chaos!

2. Family Off Duty:

travel bloggers

You guys! Their Instagram feed is stunning! Currently they’re discovering a little place called Ireland! If you love the beauty in this country as much as I do, give them a follow! If that doesn’t sound as appealing, check out their website, because it is packed full of tips, tricks and advice… and some CAMPER LIVING! How fun!

They’re real, authentic, and Thass, Gav and Vicks have an overall goal for their site. They say, “Our goal is to inspire your family to travel more by sharing essential info and tips on how to make family travel easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for everyone through our blog posts.” Cheaper AND enjoyable! I’m in! Give them a follow and please, absolutely check out their website!

3. The World Wide Webers:

Oh my goodness! I cannot say enough to describe how fantastically funny these travel bloggers are! They so often bring me to tears laughing over their Instagram stories, blog posts and other social media spots. She recently just had a new baby! How fun it is to follow along in people’s lives, and see they don’t have it all together but they sure can laugh through it all! They have a toddler as well and her ADORABLE cheeks and killer style will keep you coming back for more!


They’ve been featured in Forbes, Travel+Leisure, and Parenting Magazine! Here’s what she says on her site, “Welcome to The Worldwide Webers, a space dedicated to helping and inspiring parents to continue exploring the world with their cute carry-ons in tow, leaving only a trail of duty-free catalogs and dirty diapers behind.” Seriously, if you need a laugh or giggle, check them out! She says, “When people ask “Why did you visit 30 countries before your baby’s first birthday?” or “Why do you move around more than Harrison Ford in The Fugitive?” my response is always “WHY NOT?!” SO, why not?!?

So for you, WHY NOT check them out! Their website is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen!

4. Trip In A Van:

This family of travel bloggers know how to have a good time! Currently they are in Australia and they also are living out of a camper… with kids! I mean since I have three kids of my own, this whole concept seems insane, but they do it. And they do it well! Also since traveling with three children it seems as if the travel is done with grace.

travel bloggers

They say on their About Us page, “Family travel is so important to us as we’ve seen the benefits of travel within ourselves and our beautiful kids. The nomad lifestyle gets in your blood, life is too short, travel while you’re young and able!” This related with us as we think family travel is invaluable.

Our children also change, and want to experience new things… the more we try new things! I’m not sure our family will be packing up in a camper any time soon, but Trip in a Van, sure makes us want to!

5. Ragabourn Travel Family

This family has a fantastic YouTube site. Using GoPro and many other features, they have made some stunning videos that make you want to dive deeper into their lives and start building one of your own! They have two adorable children and they are currently in Thailand. If you want to see some amazing shots, graphics and a little humor, check them out! YouTube or Instagram is probably your best bet!

6. World of Travel With Kids:

The Instagram of these travel bloggers boasts of beautiful children, flowers, and seascapes. This family has also traveled the globe, but in their wanderings, they’re trying to find balance! Aren’t we all? They say, “While we do have fun on overseas holidays, we have just as much fun on trips around home. The things that matter to the kids: time with their parents, a relaxed pace and lots of playing is what they want.” We can get wrapped up in seeing someone else’s travels, someone else’s victories, and someone else’s journey. At the same time, how our kids are viewing the world is vital to their development.

Comparison traps are deadly to our children’s development and our own health! This fantastic family is also a multicultural family that thrives on exploring their world, even if it’s their own back yard! Give them a follow and let us know what you think!

7. LaJolla Mom

If you’re into upping your travel game, check out LaJolla Mom! She travels with her children in style! Ritz-Carltons in Beijing, China, San Diego at the Natural History Museum, and a Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in Mexico are just a few of her travel destinations.

This amazing travel bloggers also has some phenomenal options for food and drink and lifestyle! She has photos on her Instagram account that range from Poke Bowls on an ice shelf to shots in a park with her kids to city-scapes of places that include Canterbury Cathedral! It truly is a one stop shop for ANY of your travel needs! She writes for Four Seasons Magazine, Luxury Retreats Magazine and USA TODAY! Be sure to check her out for all things luxury travel related!

8. Wanderlust Crew:

As a family of six, they are the largest family travel bloggers featured so far. Someone behind the camera has some KILLER photography skills! These photos really make you feel like you are right there. Their website design is gorgeous. And the people themselves… are just beautiful! They’ve written blogs on many topics of travel, including North America and Europe. My absolute favorite is “15 Affordable Castles You Can Actually Stay In” How cool is that? An Italian castle by the sea? I’m in! They’re also originally from Washington DC, my old stomping grounds.

To begin their travel journey, they started out on a road trip across the United States, so if you’re into that kind of thing, they have some stunning photos! She’s also the founder of Travel Mums, an online travel community for moms!

Give them a follow and see what inspires you!

9. Globe Trotting Grommets

They are number 9 on our travel bloggers list, and not because they are my least favorite! They know their way around travel for kids. They’re thorough in their travels and you can easily see why we love them! She is a mobile travel consultant, so its obvious she knows how to get some great deals and plan some of the BEST trips around! On the front page of their site she’s swimming… with whale sharks! Now swimming with whale sharks is on our bucket list!

A multitude of people inspire so many things on our bucket list. We are anxious to hear what you think of the Globe Trotting Grommets! Check these travel bloggers out on Facebook, Instagram or their website!

10. Linen and Latitudes

And of course, I wanted to add ourselves, Linen and Latitudes in this ever growing list of favorite travel bloggers. I’m new to blogging, but not new to travel. We moved fairly often in my childhood, and then changed locations every year of marriage for our first 6 years! We’ve been to Guatemala, Mexico, the Bahamas and of course all over the United States. So how exciting that our Bucket List is basically the whole world!

Free Shipping on 1st Box of GlobeIn Artisan Box subscriptionstravel bloggerstravel bloggers

I hope you will follow along with us on our journey to travel the world like a local and build relationships while doing it! In a world that screams independence, we are here to prove differently. We believe we all need each other! So, travel outside your front door today and start building relationships! You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook!

These people and families all make up part of my reasoning to continue this journey! It is absolutely impossible to cover all of their exciting adventures or ours in one tiny blog post, but I sure hope you take some time today and visit these families. They all will inspire, motivate and encourage you to travel more! Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to sign up for all of our news, events and occasional giveaways!

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I’m anxious today as I begin writing this post about our new family. I’ve wrestled with how to articulate what I’m thinking in regard to this blog post for weeks. My desire is to help you see these people and this country with value, as family and with appreciation beyond what you may have had before reading.


We began our first journey to the Bahamas in May 2016… seems like so much longer! Linenandlatitudes dad (Ben) is a yacht broker and had sold a boat to a fantastic couple from Tennessee. (Maybe one day I will write a story about them). They had bought the boat and needed a captain to help them navigate the waters from West Palm Beach, Florida to Treasure Cay, Bahamas.

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I’ve never experienced anything like crossing from the Atlantic Ocean into the Sea of Abaco. Crystal clear waters, unexplainable beauty and the peace of God’s timing in the endeavor overwhelmed me. There is nothing quite like true, unadulterated peace to leave you calm, quiet and tranquil.

Building Family:

We pull up to our dock slip and as we turn our eyes away from the nature surrounding us, we see a young man walking… no running up to us! He has a grin on his face that encompasses the inviting culture of the people in the Bahamas. Little did we know this guy would be a part of changing the culture of our family.

Most people hear one side of the story, but we prefer both sides, or all sides. Human beings were designed to show off the artistic side of our Creator, and in that we have more angles and perspectives to our souls than what one person can know.

Haitian Proverb

In research of the Haitian culture, we discovered many intriguing facts about these people, and even more specifically about Haitians in the Bahamas. We hope to introduce you guys to some of these facts through this family.

Meet Jenson:


Ben, as always, wants to meet as many locals as possible, so he bounces off the boat to meet this guy. Jenson, we find out is local to Treasure Cay Bahamas. He has lived here with his family his entire life, but his parents are immigrants from Haiti. He is one of the most hard-working individuals, but not only is he hard working, he smiles while he works. This guy loves people and is almost giddy when asked to clean a tourist’s boat. He is excellent at what he does but also ENJOYS doing the work. So, if you ever find yourself in Treasure Cay, you can find him scouring the horizon for incoming boats.

We asked Jensen if he would meet us later that night at the Tipsy. (Another blog post to come on the top places to visit in Abaco!)

A little girl we met at the Tipsy

We love asking questions about people’s real life, not the life masquerading in front for all to see. So, as we asked questions, Jenson was able to fill us in on a life in Abaco that not all people have the privilege to see.

Through talking with him, we discovered he lives with his parents and younger brother Isaac. Isaac was in high school at the time and was in love with basketball. Jenson raved on and on about his younger brother with pride and admiration.

He also spoke of his parents and their hard work. We discovered that Jensen’s father actually takes flower clippings and grows and cultivates new flowers. He then sells them locally to provide for his family. (Entrepreneur at its finest!) I asked Jensen recently what were some things that his parents taught him. He replied, “my education is very important to them!” You see, education anywhere is important but in the Bahamas, to a Haitian, its invaluable.

Jenson and Isaac’s parents

Meet Isaac:

We weren’t able to meet Isaac that trip, but we met him through Facebook messenger and began conversations. We learned that his family had saved up money for him to attend a basketball camp in the United States. All done with hope that Isaac would be seen and have an opportunity for college. Ben and I jumped on the chance to see how we could get him into a camp and allow him to stay with us. He came that summer and lived with us for almost a month. Our kids absolutely LOVED Isaac!

traveling to build relationships

Mason found his love for basketball (I think it was actually Isaac)


Through this relationship with him we have learned the value of finding beauty in small things. Isaac had never been to the United States. We loved watching him walk through Target, the mall and Wal-Mart, all things we as Americans just go about our day doing! We were able to purchase some items for camp and some things for his community of people.

traveling to build relationships


When asking Isaac about his parents and the values they have given him, he responded with this: knowing that I have a bright future ahead of my life and not being able to help me, keeps them from sleeping constantly. They’ve told me that many things are important, but the main thing that I always remember is respect. They’ve taught me that I should treat the CEO and janitor the same way because we are all humans.

We are all humans, we all have failures, achievements, ups, downs, highs and lows.

Money, status and location do not define us.

Meet Johnny:

Apart from bits of wisdom they impart to us, we also learned some about their culture. Most of this came from their cousin Johnny, on our last visit there together. Now, if you were ever to meet Johnny, you could not walk away without having a fantastic time! Johnny is known for showing the tourists around Treasure Cay and the surrounding areas. This guy is fun and lively! We didn’t meet Johnny on this first trip, but eventually you can’t help but meet… Johnny.


Finally, we we reached our destination! He picked us up from the airport and drove us all around Marsh Harbor. We were treated like royalty! He kept asking what we wanted to see, taste, smell…

Ben and I wanted to do it all! He took us to a little Haitian restaurant and we told him to order his favorite. It ended up being what they called “gryio” and some spicy slaw and plantains! (See picture below.) While we waited on them to cook all the food, it was time for a round of pool.

traveling to build relationships


Next, Johnny then drove us to a place with a stunning view and we indulged. It was so good! We got the opportunity to try Haitian food with a view!

Haitian food


Johnny is coming to the States in October to pursue his dream to become a marine mechanic. We asked him about his parents and what role they’ve played in his life. He replied, “My family is the first thing that’s important to me, in starting school and saving up money so my brother and I could start our dream business. So if my parents ever need anything I can be there in a heartbeat, no headache. And also, so we can look out for our little sister that’s coming up.”

Free Shipping on 1st Box of GlobeIn Artisan Box subscriptions

Family is vital to this community of people. In our “About Us” post, I made mention that in a society that screams independence, we believe the contrary. We NEED each other. Without these guys in our life, we would not be able to see people as clearly. We wrote about Julienne in a previous post. She also comes from a Haitian immigrant family with dreams, ambitions, desires and goals! BUT… we need each other to pursue them.


Family, community, brotherhood, clan or tribe… whatever you call them… talk to them, help them, work with them and above else appreciate them!

Who are people in your tribe that motivate you to pursue your God given talents and abilities? We would love to hear about it! Comment below OR subscribe to our mailing list! I’m getting that list up and running! Or check us out on Facebook or Instagram for photos and updates.


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I read one time that to be blessed by someone was to be noticed, to be seen by that person.

Have you ever walked into a large group of people and been ignored or maybe not ignored, but not acknowledged? It can be a lonely, almost sad feeling.

How about the opposite? Have you ever walked into a room and someone sees you? But they don’t just see you… they are excited you are there!


Embassy Suits Pool

This is how you feel when you walk into Embassy Suites, Palm Beach Gardens! At first glance on Expedia, one might think it to be an “off the interstate” kind of hotel. Quite the contrary! The second you walk in the door you are greeted by some of the kindest hotel staff ever encountered.

Her name: Julienne Jean-Louis

Attitude: positive

Smile: radiant

Work ethic: strong

When beginning this blog to travel, explore and build relationships, we wanted to start off with a bang! We decided to see if Julienne would mind me asking her a few questions. So for this trip, we spent three nights at Embassy Suites. On our last evening there, our family picked up our camera, notebook and pencil and headed downstairs. On the way, the kids were stoked, and I do not use this word lightly. They love Julienne!

We travel often, so when we do run into someone who truly treats you like family, it is a rare and precious find! You find yourself feeling blessed!


We rode the elevator downstairs to chat and she was not at work that night. The kids were so upset! “Where’s family lady?” they cried.

BUT… travel has taught us to expect the unexpected. We packed up our things and headed out for dinner. My mind was reeling because I knew we needed to chat with her for one of my main blog posts about West Palm Beach! We did come up with an alternative (read about it here), but it was still not our Julienne.

The next morning as we were packing up our things, my daughter came to me and said “Mom! I really will miss Mrs. Julienne, she makes me smile when we are far from home.” So blessed!



We came downstairs with all our luggage and much to our surprise we see… Julienne! The FIRST thing she did was apologize… to us! For not being around that evening. My kids were overjoyed!! We threw our luggage in the truck and came running back, camera in hand.



We began to ask Julienne some questions, we wanted to get to know HER. What was her favorite part of her job?What was she thankful for? Where could she go if she could go ANYWHERE in the world?

Her answers began with her job. “Meeting guests and treating them like family,” she said was why she came to work everyday. I truly believe we all have God given gifts, talents and abilities. When we encounter people that are gifted in areas we are not, I believe it points us to see there is a Creator, that is… well… creative! This woman exudes hospitality. It seems to pour out of her being. Her favorite thing to do is… get this: go to hotels and experience them! She loves seeing their amenities and how their staff connects to guests. She’s recently graduated from FIU with a degree in… SURPRISE… hospitality!

When asked if she could go anywhere or do anything what would it be… Julienne said “Four Seasons in Canada.

I hope she gets there!!

Bach, one of the hotel mascots

Lastly, we spoke about what she’s most thankful for. She says her family. You see, her parents came to the United States from Haiti where life is more than hard. They were immigrants who came here to work hard and give Julienne and her siblings the ability to dream. She has her faith and it flows out of her smile, her attitude and her work ethic.

Julienne has made our family more complete, more fulfilled and more joyous. She’s also proven to us that we NEED each other! If you’re ever in the area, check out this hotel, and tell her “FAMILY” sent ya!



Have you ever run into a Julienne? Is there someone in your life that makes you feel blessed? We’d love to hear about it! Catch us on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for our e-mail updates!



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