Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following

In the beginning of this journey to becoming a travel blogger we’ve had many inspirations along the way. Many from friends and family, but often outside of that community into another world… the vibrant and encouraging social media world. Often, I say we all need each other… well these travel bloggers on Instagram and other places that I’m about to share have encouraged, motivated and inspired me with ideas I could not have had without them.

So here goes… my top 10 travel bloggers!


They have been a HUGE help in the business side of my development. I have learned so much from their website, which I refer to almost daily. I have been taught how to travel well with kids, how to grow a community, and how to work hard for your dreams. Their motto is “Unplug from the chaos, follow your bliss, travel more and create better memories.” They are an absolutely fantastic family to follow for any of your travel needs! They have an extensive amount of experience! YTravelBlog is from Australia, but residing in the great state of North Carolina! And if you follow Instagram stories, you’ll fall in love with their accents and their love for adventure!

travel blogggers

travel bloggers

Their children are adventurous, spunky and just darling!

Travel Bloggers

They’ve been to Cuba, China, Indonesnsia, Brazil, France, Greece… I mean the list is endless! Last, we saw, they were at a Dirty Dancing Festival! How fun is that! But, the fun won’t end there, give them a follow and see where they’re headed next, and where you may find yourself wanting to unplug from your own chaos!

2. Family Off Duty:

travel bloggers

You guys! Their Instagram feed is stunning! Currently they’re discovering a little place called Ireland! If you love the beauty in this country as much as I do, give them a follow! If that doesn’t sound as appealing, check out their website, because it is packed full of tips, tricks and advice… and some CAMPER LIVING! How fun!

They’re real, authentic, and Thass, Gav and Vicks have an overall goal for their site. They say, “Our goal is to inspire your family to travel more by sharing essential info and tips on how to make family travel easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for everyone through our blog posts.” Cheaper AND enjoyable! I’m in! Give them a follow and please, absolutely check out their website!

3. The World Wide Webers:

Oh my goodness! I cannot say enough to describe how fantastically funny these travel bloggers are! They so often bring me to tears laughing over their Instagram stories, blog posts and other social media spots. She recently just had a new baby! How fun it is to follow along in people’s lives, and see they don’t have it all together but they sure can laugh through it all! They have a toddler as well and her ADORABLE cheeks and killer style will keep you coming back for more!


They’ve been featured in Forbes, Travel+Leisure, and Parenting Magazine! Here’s what she says on her site, “Welcome to The Worldwide Webers, a space dedicated to helping and inspiring parents to continue exploring the world with their cute carry-ons in tow, leaving only a trail of duty-free catalogs and dirty diapers behind.” Seriously, if you need a laugh or giggle, check them out! She says, “When people ask “Why did you visit 30 countries before your baby’s first birthday?” or “Why do you move around more than Harrison Ford in The Fugitive?” my response is always “WHY NOT?!” SO, why not?!?

So for you, WHY NOT check them out! Their website is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen!

4. Trip In A Van:

This family of travel bloggers know how to have a good time! Currently they are in Australia and they also are living out of a camper… with kids! I mean since I have three kids of my own, this whole concept seems insane, but they do it. And they do it well! Also since traveling with three children it seems as if the travel is done with grace.

travel bloggers

They say on their About Us page, “Family travel is so important to us as we’ve seen the benefits of travel within ourselves and our beautiful kids. The nomad lifestyle gets in your blood, life is too short, travel while you’re young and able!” This related with us as we think family travel is invaluable.

Our children also change, and want to experience new things… the more we try new things! I’m not sure our family will be packing up in a camper any time soon, but Trip in a Van, sure makes us want to!

5. Ragabourn Travel Family

This family has a fantastic YouTube site. Using GoPro and many other features, they have made some stunning videos that make you want to dive deeper into their lives and start building one of your own! They have two adorable children and they are currently in Thailand. If you want to see some amazing shots, graphics and a little humor, check them out! YouTube or Instagram is probably your best bet!

6. World of Travel With Kids:

The Instagram of these travel bloggers boasts of beautiful children, flowers, and seascapes. This family has also traveled the globe, but in their wanderings, they’re trying to find balance! Aren’t we all? They say, “While we do have fun on overseas holidays, we have just as much fun on trips around home. The things that matter to the kids: time with their parents, a relaxed pace and lots of playing is what they want.” We can get wrapped up in seeing someone else’s travels, someone else’s victories, and someone else’s journey. At the same time, how our kids are viewing the world is vital to their development.

Comparison traps are deadly to our children’s development and our own health! This fantastic family is also a multicultural family that thrives on exploring their world, even if it’s their own back yard! Give them a follow and let us know what you think!

7. LaJolla Mom

If you’re into upping your travel game, check out LaJolla Mom! She travels with her children in style! Ritz-Carltons in Beijing, China, San Diego at the Natural History Museum, and a Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in Mexico are just a few of her travel destinations.

This amazing travel bloggers also has some phenomenal options for food and drink and lifestyle! She has photos on her Instagram account that range from Poke Bowls on an ice shelf to shots in a park with her kids to city-scapes of places that include Canterbury Cathedral! It truly is a one stop shop for ANY of your travel needs! She writes for Four Seasons Magazine, Luxury Retreats Magazine and USA TODAY! Be sure to check her out for all things luxury travel related!

8. Wanderlust Crew:

As a family of six, they are the largest family travel bloggers featured so far. Someone behind the camera has some KILLER photography skills! These photos really make you feel like you are right there. Their website design is gorgeous. And the people themselves… are just beautiful! They’ve written blogs on many topics of travel, including North America and Europe. My absolute favorite is “15 Affordable Castles You Can Actually Stay In” How cool is that? An Italian castle by the sea? I’m in! They’re also originally from Washington DC, my old stomping grounds.

To begin their travel journey, they started out on a road trip across the United States, so if you’re into that kind of thing, they have some stunning photos! She’s also the founder of Travel Mums, an online travel community for moms!

Give them a follow and see what inspires you!

9. Globe Trotting Grommets

They are number 9 on our travel bloggers list, and not because they are my least favorite! They know their way around travel for kids. They’re thorough in their travels and you can easily see why we love them! She is a mobile travel consultant, so its obvious she knows how to get some great deals and plan some of the BEST trips around! On the front page of their site she’s swimming… with whale sharks! Now swimming with whale sharks is on our bucket list!

A multitude of people inspire so many things on our bucket list. We are anxious to hear what you think of the Globe Trotting Grommets! Check these travel bloggers out on Facebook, Instagram or their website!

10. Linen and Latitudes

And of course, I wanted to add ourselves, Linen and Latitudes in this ever growing list of favorite travel bloggers. I’m new to blogging, but not new to travel. We moved fairly often in my childhood, and then changed locations every year of marriage for our first 6 years! We’ve been to Guatemala, Mexico, the Bahamas and of course all over the United States. So how exciting that our Bucket List is basically the whole world!

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I hope you will follow along with us on our journey to travel the world like a local and build relationships while doing it! In a world that screams independence, we are here to prove differently. We believe we all need each other! So, travel outside your front door today and start building relationships! You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook!

These people and families all make up part of my reasoning to continue this journey! It is absolutely impossible to cover all of their exciting adventures or ours in one tiny blog post, but I sure hope you take some time today and visit these families. They all will inspire, motivate and encourage you to travel more! Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to sign up for all of our news, events and occasional giveaways!

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  1. Well, I think what I learned is that it’s fantastic to see that people with money also take their kids on exotic journeys outside fancy resorts and the usual cities. May they grow up and be open-minded, smart, and caring people.

    Happy continued travels & happy blogging!

  2. I feel joy every time I see (or discover) family travel blogs. I do not have kids yet but I a lot of people tell me my travels will stop once I have kids. A post like your is what I would need to prove that is not necessarily a true statement. There is so much to do with kids! I am glad you are making memories with yours.

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